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Duct Work Services

A Duct system is important when it comes to HVAC systems on industrial buildings and residential properties. Ducts are comprised of several tubes that transfer cooled and heated air from HVAC appliances to the different rooms in your house.


We prepare and install duct to enhance home comfort by making sure that room temperatures are kept consistent. In proving our professional service, we are keen on satisfying our customer with the help of our specialist technical teams to get the best operation and maintenance as per the manufacturer recommendation with professionals.


Laffan Refrigeration have strong team to carry out re insulation and repair for any duct work for saving energy and good performance for the cooling to the end user also we can test the duct work after rectification by smoking or lighting test


The service involves state of the art, industrial-grade vacuums that remove deposits of dust and dirt through a powerful negative pressure system, emptying the space’s HVAC system of pollutants and build-up. It’s recommended to clean the air ducts every two years for residential spaces and annually for commercial buildings. This is to help keep the space free of dust, dirt, and pollutants that circulated in closed spaces, setting on furniture, windows and fixtures until it is removed.


Our company carries out testing commissioning service for all ductworks, all the DX systems, chillers with specialist technical team to provide the highest quality service as per the design data and client recommendation.